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Whimsical Crossings at Elmwood Primary School

Challenge: Elmwood Primary School in Salford faced traffic safety concerns around its premises. The school wanted to create a safer environment for students while also enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Solution: We collaborated with Elmwood Primary to design and install decorative crosswalks featuring colourful motifs and playful patterns. These decorative crossings not only added a touch of creativity but also effectively slowed down vehicle traffic.

Results: The decorative crossings transformed the school’s entrance into an inviting and safe space. The vibrant designs garnered positive attention from students, parents, and the community, encouraging more students to walk or bike to school. Safety improved significantly as drivers became more aware of the school zone, ultimately achieving the school’s goal of a safer environment for its students.

Community-Inspired Road Safety at Parkside Primary

Challenge: Parkside Primary School, located in a residential neighbourhood, wanted to improve road safety for its students. The local Residents’ Association supported this initiative and sought to beautify the surrounding streets.

Solution: We engaged with both the school and the Residents’ Association to design a cohesive plan. Decorative elements, including themed lamppost banners and artistic road signs, were installed throughout the neighbourhood. The designs were inspired by the local community’s history and culture.

Results: The project had a dual impact: it made the streets around Parkside Primary safer for students and created a stronger sense of community pride. The unique and locally inspired decorative elements served as conversation starters and encouraged residents to take pride in their neighbourhood. This project became a model for collaborative initiatives between schools and local communities.

Safety and Aesthetics Blend at Riverside High School

Challenge: Riverside High School had long been struggling with speeding vehicles and unsafe pedestrian crossings around its campus. The school administration sought a solution that not only improved safety but also added a touch of creativity.

Solution: We worked closely with Riverside High to create a comprehensive safety and aesthetic plan. Decorative speed bumps, colourful crosswalks, and artistic bike lanes were installed. The design incorporated the school’s colours and mascot, creating a sense of school spirit.

Results: The decorative school street project at Riverside High successfully slowed down traffic, reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, the artistic elements added a vibrant atmosphere to the campus. Students, staff, and parents appreciated the improved safety measures and the infusion of school pride into the streets surrounding the school.

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